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portal hackers Every person which at least once went to the casino, attended one clever idea:
"How do we that all the time win a lot of money?"
At any inveterate players having already considerable experience, always appears this desire - increase your success on the slot machines, and sooner or later his necessarily appears this question:
"Is there a any of secret ways to get wins?"
Real chance any gamers honestly win at casino or slot machine Gaminator, Admiral, Novomatic, Gaminator, Admiral Novomatic - negligible. Statistics show most people there came, almost always go with anything! It will remain one - Use some ways, which could lead to a maximum of chance to win. Although the that the owners of the casino try to protect your business from all sides, they have it does not always work. At times executive and technological protection measures used owners have little effect, and workers such institutions themselves do not mind get extra money.

Big Win and Jackpot 2014 - Hack slot machines

This portal XGAMINATOR.COM invented to answer is not simple task of how to do so consistently win on slot machines. We're not talking about the "secrets of slot machines" that are distributed on the Internet, though in most cases, as confirmed by facts, are not effective (if it's better, in my opinion, to dance with a tambourine near the machine.)

We'll talk about how to Hack slot machines, hacking, breaking, break gaming machines
Hacking slot machines - editing software and the hacking of its protection, with the help of specially created for this virus programs made in firmware slot machines chips and modules.

New method 2014, Big Win and jackpot using a bugs Percentage Selector

percentage selector with a bug

раздел The ideal way to hacking considered when its none can not prove it. In this way hacking slot machines is the special device - a selector. The ideal it may consider because that no one can not check selector for his involvement in the hacking.

To prove the necessary dump the program and find it secret inserts allows to receive prizes. With selector not so simple. Detach dumps with him not turn out. Program be in the locked (closed) from reading the memory and where it can not be read and prove hacking.

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The secret method of using a virus program - Bug on Bonus

viruscod BugBonus - allows firmware to win on slot machines: Gaminator Admiral Novomatic on the principle of increasing the percentage of winnings to the maximum value. During activation, increases the gaming machine winnings get up to 1000%.

secrets of slot machines flash chip module board

The device of this firmware - to increase the maximum percentage of return on a slot machine. The percentage may vary during the game and reach the maximum value of 1000%. Under the percentage of returns is due to the amount of gains relative to fixed rates. In simple terms, makes frequent winning combinations. Bonus offers for 10 scrolling drum which in turn may give a few free games. When the virus is active, he is working on the 20 steps (20 rotations of the drum, free games do not count). After 20 rotations of the drum, the virus itself is turned off and a slot machine returns to its normal mode. To activate the need to re-enter the secret combination.

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The secret method - "Bug on Doubling" and "Bug on Doubling Plus"

viruscod BugDoubling - firmware allows to win on slot machines: Gaminator Admiral Novomatic - at the risk of (double) in guessing the colors black and red card. When activated virus-card program begins to fall for a well-known algorithm for the hacker, he knows in advance what a slot machine will color the card.

secrets of slot machines flash chip module board The principle of operation of such a firmware - to increase the gain.
During the game machine is behaving normally. In order to start winning need to know in advance how to play at the risk of guessing the color of the suit cards. When the slot machine gives win, he will wait for further reaction players continue to play or try to increase your winnings by guessing the color map. If the player guesses the color of the card (black or red color), then its payoff is doubled if there is no-lose.
In our case, the player will know exactly which card will give it a slot machine and win necessarily.

There are two ways to win on the risk in the cards::

1: by Bug on Doubling
This method works with the table cards are contained in its program (program bug). The list contains 4096 characters and the virus-program consistently brings them into the program. The player having the printout of the table knows in advance what will be the next card.

2: by Bug onDoubling Plus
This method has a built-activator, to activate the virus code. In normal mode, when the virus program is sleeping (inactive) slot behaves as usual. When activated, the virus wakes up and starts BugDoublingPlus bug. During the active work of the virus, the automaton starts to give out only the correct card, which would not have picked a player - it will be correct. The time of active work is limited by the number of cards, after which the virus falls asleep again (deactivated). You can activate it again.

How to win at slot machines, secret modules, firmware bug

If you do not understand the principle of the described method, try to explain in simple language:
-The real way to win at slot machine is to program it. To do this, there is a special device - programmator. Frankly, it is difficult to buy in the stores did not sell.
If you are lucky enough to own such a device, and with experience in electronics, then you are lucky and you will not be any labor or perform any instructions for self-reprogramming slot machine. Well, if you do not have experience, then we can help you do this operation.
To be more precise then reprogrammed only a simm module on the motherboard slot machines are only two. That's where we are implementing a program with the virus code, the procedure is still the covenant as to insert a bookmark. You just have to choose the time and place of such a flash unit into the machine. After that you already own can take winnings from the gaming machine at a convenient time for you. Here you can buy ready-made (programmed) modules, for this you need only to determine the slot number and firmware version of the machine (to do this will be discussed below). To introduce the virus code in the program can help a slot machine designed for this special program slots Gaminator Admiral Novomatic - described in greater detail in the section of the program.

secret hack hot spot platin To get the module to a bug or file you need to make an application under: Contacts,
be sure to specify where the number and firmware version gaminatora-identify as will be shown below on this page or section: Instructions

At the moment there is the presence of almost all the versions on Gaminator, Admiral, Novomatic, Hot Spot Platinum, Mega Katok, Cobra, as well as including a raffle, and entertainment devices and simulators.

There is in existence and such version: 5.6-12 5.6-13 5.7-0 5.7-3 5.7-10 5.7-16 5.7-23 5.8-2 on the slot machines: Gaminator, Admiral, Novomatic, Hot spot, Hot Spot Platinum, Cobra, MegaKatok

раздел Postscript:
Secrets of the most popular slot machines Gaminator Novomatic Admiral Cobra. Basically, all the secrets of winning are based on access to the software the machine, using patched modules and chips with program bugs embodied bug is a bug in a program or system that produces unexpected or incorrect results in this case, a sharp increase in the percentage gain, up to several hundred interest or pre-generated code is built into the bug win-win situation. With firmware bug (s-module), you can win on: Book of Ra, Magic Money, Dolphin's Pearl, Lucky Ladys Charm, Columbus, Queen of Hearts, Secret Forest, The Money Gamay, Sharkey, Bananas go Bahamas, Beetle Mania, Venetian Carnival, Marco Polo, Magic Money, Riches of India, Unicorn Magic

How to win money on slot machines